18.05.2016 ABN participates in Delta Elektronika DC power supplies seminar

18.05.2016 ABN Company took part in partners' seminar for promotion of Delta Elektronika B.V. professional power supplies

DELTA Electronika

DELTA Electronika

DELTA Electronika

The issues covered during the seminar:

  • Ethernet controller: control and monitoring of voltage and power over Ethernet (using the existing IP network)
  • Calibration and control software
  • Built-in sequencer device (Sequencer): creation of work templates of supply programs
  • SM3300 series features
  • Power supply programming
  • Options: Digital inputs \ outputs
  • New products - 15 kW power supply!

A Brief History of Delta Elektronika B.V .:
Established: 1959
Founded Delta Malta: 1975
Production of the first switching power supply: 1973
Development of a fundamentally new digital architecture: 2012
The first technical applications of Delta Elektronika power supplies by ABN company in Belarus: 2014


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