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The Record Plus™ family of circuit breakers has been developed as a line of aesthetically and technically coordinated protection devices for low voltage distribution and control applications. The circuit breakers are available in four sizes, each of which is tailored to the individual requirements associated with its application.

The line offers a current range running from 3A to 1600A in single, 3 and 4 pole ratings. Numerous versions as fixed, plug-in and draw-out are available and the line is completed with a full range of accessories.

FD160. Rated at 160A, the FD160 frame size is designed for use in both a DIN-rail environment with modular equipment and in industrial applications. It is supplied with IPXXB terminals suitable for direct connection of one or two conductors totalling up to 95 mm2 and is available as a thermalmagnetic breaker, a moulded case switch, and as a magnetic-only motor circuit protector. The FD160 bridges the gap between residential miniature circuit breakers and industrial moulded case circuit breakers.

FE160 и FE250. Rated at 160 and 250A, the FE frame sizes are designed for side-by-side mounting with FD160 types in panels. FE sizes are equipped with an easily accessible busbar connection and can also be supplied with cable lugs for use with copper or aluminum conductors. The design allows the use of interchangeable thermal- magnetic, magnetic-only, and electronic trip units.

FG400 и FG 630. Rated at 400 and 630A, the FG frame size includes all of the advanced features of the FD and FE frame sizes. The FG connection area features easy-toaccess busbar connections. Cable lugs for use with single or multiple copper or aluminum conductors are optionally available. The breaker is designed for use with interchangeable electronic units that can be easily adapted to multiple levels of protection.

FK 800, 1250 и 1600. Rated at 800,1250 and 1600A, the FK frame sizes are designed for use with the FG400 and 630 frame sizes. The design uses electronic trips units available in a number of performance ranges and allowing a wide variety of setting options and groundfault protection. If needed thermal-magnetic and magnetic only trip units are also available. The FK connection area features easy-toaccess busbar connections or cable lugs for use with single or multiple copper or aluminum conductors.

Moulded Case Power Circuit breakers General Electric Record Plus PremEon


GERecord Plus PremEon

PremEon is a new line of electronic trip units designed to offer uncompromising reliability in all network environments.

The first of the line, PremEon S, combines sophisticated 32 bit technology with a complete set of protection functions.

Simple dials provide access to a wide setting range of 0.3 to 1 times In.

Designed to fit the Record Plus line of moulded case circuit breakers, the devices are available as 3 or 4 pole units in a current range of 7 to 630A.

Each standard unit has between two and four overcurrent protection devices:

  • An overload protection (LT) with a range of 0.3 to 1 times the chosen trip unit rating(1). Each of the possible 15 positions has a rating mentioned in Amps.
  • A delayed short-circuit protection (ST) with a wide setting band of 2 to 13(2) times the LT device setting or Ir value. A fixed time setting per breaker size is applied.
  • A selective instantaneous device (I) set at a fixed value of 14(2) times the chosen trip unit rating, using waveform recognition to assure selectivity.
  • An optional ground fault protection device (GF) (residual principle) can be set from 0.4 to 1 times the chosen trip unit rating and be used with multiple delay and/or I2T settings.

Each device is equipped with a LED indicator that flashes when the current reaches 0.95 times Ir and illuminates constantly when an overload trip is imminent (at 1.05 times Ir). The electronics also continuously perform self diagnostics and warn the user of any defect by the LED indicator

An integrated temperature sensor prevents the electronic components from reaching temperatures that could damage the breaker or it's surroundings.

Селективность. PremEon together with the unique selective and current limiting line of Record Plus line circuit breakers offer strongly improved selectivity between upstream and downstream devices. The use of highly accurate sensing technology and of state-of-theart electronics, reduces the tolerances on expected tripping currents and the associated time spans to a minimum.

Integrated test kit. Simply connect a standard mobile phone charger to the micro USB port and the "TEST" button goes live. Depress it and it checks the full electronic circuit and then trips the connected breaker.

Integrated "TEST" function that only needs a USB phone charger.

The USB port also functions as a data access port, allowing the user to verify the breaker settings. The data are covering last 10 fault occurrences and waveform data of the last event. In this configuration, the PC powers the trip unit (charger no longer needed).

Prepared for the future, PremEon S is the first of a new generation of Record Plus trip units. They are interchangeable, designed to allow for future upgrades and have a user definable neutral protection (4 pole devices only).