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Industrial Communication

Contactors and Contactor Assemblies

Special Applications Contactors

Contactor Relays and Relays

Soft Starters, Solid-State Devices

Protection Equipment

Load Feeders and Motor Starters

Motor Starters of High IP

Monitoring and Control Devices

Safety Technology

Position and Safety Switches

Signaling Devices


Products for Specific Requirements

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ABN offers the following Siemens low-voltage commutation products:

Motor control and protection devices

  • MSPs Ц 3RV10 Motor Starter Protectors; 3RV17, 3RV27, 3RV28 Circuit Breakers; 3RA19/29 & 3RV19/29 Accessories
  • Contactors Ц 3RT, 3TF, 3TC Contactors; 3RA13/23 Reversing Contactors; 3RH Control Relays; 3RA19/29 & 3RT19/29 Accessories
  • Overload Relays Ц 3RU Thermal Overload Relays; 3RB Solid State Overload Relays; 3UF SIMOCODE pro Intelligent Motor Protection
  • Combination Starters Ц 3RA11/21 Combination Starters; 3RA12/22 Reversing Combination Starters; 3RA6 Compact Combination Starters
  • Power Distribution Systems Ц 8US Fast Bus Busbar Power Distribution System

Solid State Control Devices

  • Hybrid Motor Starters Ц 3RM1 Motor Starters
  • Soft Starters Ц 3WR30, 3RW40 Soft Starters; 3RW44 High Feature Soft Starters; Class 73 & 74 Enclosed Soft Starters
  • Solid-State Relays & Contactors Ц 3RF20 45mm Relays; 3RF21 22.5mm Relays; 3RF22 3-Phase Relays; 3RF23 Contactors; 3RF24 3-Phase Contactors; 3RF29 Modules

General Purpose Control Devices

  • Manual Starters & Switches; NEMA Contactors, Starters, Combination Starters; Overload Relays; Duplex Controllers; Pump Control Panels; Reduced Voltage Starters; Lighting contactors; Transformers

Control Circuit Components

  • Pilot devices Ц 3SB, 50, 51, 52 Pushbuttons, Selector Switches, Pilot Lights & Stations; 8WD Signal Columns
  • Function relays Ц 3RN Thermistor Motor Protection; 3RP & 7PV Timers; 3RS Temperature Monitoring Relays & Interface Converters; 3UG Monitoring Relays; 3TG Power Relays; 3TX71 Plug-In Relays
  • Terminal blocks Ц 8WA / 8WH Terminal Blocks 8WA Special Label Marking Instructions
  • Limit Switches Ц 3SE5 (IEC) & 3SE03 (NEMA), 3SE2
  • Mechanical Safety Ц 3SE5 Hinge & Interlock, 3SE6 Magnet, and 3SE7 Cable-operated Switches; 3SK1 & 3TK28 Safety Relays; 3RK3 MSS
  • AS-Interface Ц 6GK7 Masters; 3RK Slaves, I/O Modules, & Safety Modules; 3SF2 Cable Pull, 3SF1 Limit & Interlock Switches
  • IO-Link Ц 6ES7 Masters; 3RK Input Modules
  • Programmable Relays - LOGO! 6ED Modular Relays
  • Power Supplies Ц SITOP 6EP Power Supplies
  • Ethernet Switches Ц 6GK Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

Control Circuit Protection

  • 5SJ4 Miniature Circuit Breakers to UL 489; 5SP & 5SY Supplementary Protectors to UL 1077; 3NW7 & 3NC1038 Fuse Holders to UL 512

Circuit Breakers

  • 120/240 V Lug In/Lug Out and DIN Rail Breakers; 15 to 3200A Molded Case Circuit Breakers VL series


  • Safety Switches Ц VBII
  • Enclosed Switches Ц VBII & 3LD2
  • Disconnect Switches Ц LBR, 3LD2, CFS, MCS & VBII

Air Circuit Breakers up to 4000 A 3WT series