System components - bus systems Pilz

PILZ SafetyBUS p system


System components for fieldbus systems bring higher performance to extended plants with distributed control logic. You can use them to structure complex bus architectures clearly, divide networks into individual bus segments and interconnect multiple networks.

Various types of system components are available for fieldbus systems, each with different functions. For example, you can use the system components for SafetyBUS p to bring higher performance to extended plants with distributed control logic. Components for integrating control systems of the automation system PSS 4000 on third party networks are also available.

Ethernet systems

PILZ SafetyNET p - system components


With the system components SafetyNET p you have a wide range of options available for designing your network topology. Ethernet infrastructure components such as switches, cables and connectors are available.

In Ethernet networks, system components SafetyNET p are tasked with implementing the network infrastructure. Various network topologies become possible and the network extension and performance can be increased.

Wireless communication

PILZ InduraNET p Industrial Radio Network


With the wireless communication system InduraNET p, users have increased flexibility and freedom in the way plant and machinery is arranged. The wireless system guarantees easy accessibility within the space, something that cannot be achieved with a cable connection. All today's contact-based communication systems are restricted to linear or rotational movements. InduraNET p enables movements in all three space dimensions. This increased flexibility is also a bonus when expanding an existing control infrastructure, as there's no complex configuration or installation for the cable connections. The high availability of InduraNET p reduces downtimes as well as the work involved in unplanned maintenance work. The weaknesses in contact-based data communication, such as wear and tear on data cables and sliding contacts, are irrelevant with wireless communication. Radio-based communication also helps to save costs, as the work normally involved in planning, installation and maintenance of cable-based solutions is no longer required. This is particularly significant on mobile applications, as contact-based communication often requires special solutions using cable drag chains or rotary transformers, for example. By implementing InduraNET p into the PSSuniversal centralised control platform, Pilz is presenting to the market the first step towards an industry-compatible wireless technology. Other expansion levels that involve the integration and connection of safe devices and sensors will follow.