Position monitoring devices

PILZ PSENini - safe proximity switch


The safe proximity switch detects the approach of metallic objects without the use of contacts. It supplies the necessary safe signals via positions and end limits, thereby ensuring a smooth production process. PSENini is suitable for tasks with long cams or where several positions are to be detected; it can also be used to generate the pulse for counting tasks or for detecting rotational movements (up to 10 Hz).

PILZ PSENrope - safe rope pull switch


Whether on the assembly line or machine - where safety in the production area is concerned, safe rope pull switches PSENrope are a proven, reliable solution.

PSENrope switch off functional processes through manual operation. PSENrope provide maximum safety when it matters: the E-STOP function can be triggered at any point along the rope.

PILZ PSENenco - rotary encoder


The rotary encoders PSENenco are used to determine position and speed. The rotary encoder available in the first expansion phase is an absolute encoder, which is used in the automation system PSS 4000. It supplies diverse, absolute position values, which are verified in the software block.

The rotary encoder PSENenco has a magnetic and an optical measuring system and thus forms two units in one.

Safety switches

When a guard is opened, hazardous machine movements must be stopped and a restart must be prevented. It must not be possible to either defeat or manipulate the guards. Certain applications also require the safety gate to be interlocked until the hazardous production process is complete.

Safety switches PSEN meet these requirements effectively and economically and are therefore ideal for safety gate and position monitoring. PDF configuration guide: PSENmag, PSENcode, PSENbolt

PILZ PSENmech - mechanical safety switch


Mechanical safety switches PSENmech are suitable for safe monitoring of a movable guard. If the guards are opened, the PSENmech safety switches are triggered and the hazardous machine movement is stopped via a Pilz evaluation device.

Using increased extraction force on the actuator, PSENmech safety switches prevent the safety gate from being opened unintentionally. They comply with the standard EN 1088 (protection against defeat) due to their mechanically-coded actuators.

PDF catalogues:


PILZ PSENmag - non-contact, magnetic safety switches


Non-contact, magnetic safety switches are used to monitor the position of guards in accordance with EN 60947-5-3 and also for general position monitoring. PSENmag gives you a cost-optimised system comprising Pilz sensor and control system, including approval. The compact design of the PSENmag saves installation space. Connector and cable for all mounting and approach directions, plus an assured operating distance of 3 or 8/10 mm, enable flexible assembly and rapid, simple installation.

PDF catalogues:

PSEN1.1P-10, PSEN1.1P-12, PSEN1.1P-20, PSEN1.1P-22, PSEN1.1P-23 ATEX, PSEN1.1P-25 ATEX, PSEN1.2P-20, PSEN1.2P-22, PSEN1.2P-23 ATEX, PSEN1.2P-25 ATEX, PSEN1X1.

PILZ PSENcode - non-contact, coded safety switches


PSENcode are used to monitor the position of guards in accordance with EN 60947-5-3 and also for general position monitoring. Thanks to integrated evaluation and standard interfaces, PSENcode is open to products from other manufacturers. The coded safety switch fits perfectly into your environment and can also be used to upgrade your plant.

PDF catalogues:

PSENCS1.13p, PSENCS1.1P, PSENCS2.13p, PSENCS2.1P & 2.2P.

PILZ PSENbolt - safety bolt


The safety bolt PSENbolt consists of a mechanical bolt, handle and various combinable safety switches, which are based on different operating principles. This removes the need for expensive in-house engineering. As well as complying with the maximum requirements for protection against defeat and manipulation, the safety bolt also achieves secure safety gate monitoring up to the highest category PL e of EN/ISO 13849-1 / SIL CL 3 of EN/IEC 62061, depending on which sensor is used. As a mechanical alternative, the safety bolt PSENbolt is particularly suitable for safety gates that are difficult to adjust.

PILZ PSENhinge - safe hinge switch


Safe hinge switches PSENhinge offer a safe, complete solution for guards, comprising a hinge and a safety switch. PSENhinge are suitable for rotatable and hinged gates as well as flaps. Users benefit from high plant availability because PSENhinge are manipulation-proof, as they are concealed within the safeguards. PSENhinge provide IP67 protection, so they are also ideally suitable for hygiene-critical areas.

Safety gate systems

When a safety gate is opened, hazardous machine movements must be stopped in accordance with EN 1088 and a restart must be prevented. It must not be possible to either defeat or manipulate the guards.

Pilz safety gate systems are particularly effective in meeting these requirements and incorporate additional functionalities for greater economy.

PILZ PSENslock - safety gate system


Non-contact safety gate systems PSENslock combine safety gate monitoring and a non-contact magnetic interlock in just one unit.

With this combination of safe position monitoring and process guarding, PSENslock are designed for universal use and enable the highest category applications.

PSENslock is available in three different function types. In addition to the basic version, the following types are also available:

  • PSENslock with expanded diagnostic functions (Version 6.1): The safety gate system enables fast, simple diagnostics, particularly in applications in which several PSENslock are used. You can immediately recognise which switch was unable to activate guard locking and save time in the event of an error.
  • PSENslock with safety outputs that are independent of guard locking (Versions 3.1/4.1/4.2): The safety outputs (OSSDs) on the safety gate system switch independently from the guard locking status and enable greater flexibility when implementing your application.

PILZ PSENsgate - safety gate system


The safety gate system PSENsgate combines secure safety gate monitoring, safe guard locking and control elements in just one system, up to the highest category PL e. Benefit from higher flexibility: A variety of system types are available with optional control elements that can be integrated, such as pushbuttons, key switches, illuminated pushbuttons, section stop and functions such as emergency stop and escape release.

Light curtains

When the production process requires active intervention, light beam devices PSENopt provide optimum protection for plant and machinery. Depending on the requirement, the light beam device provides finger, hand or body protection in accordance with EN/IEC 61496-1/-2. An extensive range of accessories and light beam devices with expanded functionalities such as muting, blanking or cascading support flexible application on any machine.

PILZ PSENopt - Light curtains


Light grids PSENopt can be used in all areas of industry, when a barrier-free safety concept is to be implemented. You can choose between Type 2/Type 4 light grids in accordance with EN/IEC 61496-1/-2 and versions for finger, hand and body protection, in lengths from 15 cm to 180 cm. In addition to the standard light grids, all advanced light beam devices offer expanded functionalities such as muting, blanking and cascading. Accessories range from deviating mirrors, post protectors for shock, collision and vibration protection, protective IP6k9k housing through to test rods.

PILZ PSENopt SB - with SafetyBUS interface


With light grids PSENopt SB you have the system with SafetyBUS open bus. The bus has complex interface, thus excluding the necessity in any additional components. Reduce the volume of mounting works and benefit from reduction of downtime due to these perfectly compatible components, incorporated into one safety system.

Safe camera systems

Safe camera systems are used to monitor 2D or 3D zones. In contrast to simple sensors, they are able to record and analyse detailed information about the whole monitored zone. They provide a high level of safety plus user-friendly functionalities for many safety and standard control functions.

PILZ PSENvip - camera-based protection system


The camera-based protection systems PSENvip are mobile protection systems, which visually monitor the whole bending process. When installed on the upper die, they detect even the smallest foreign body in the protected field between the transmitter and receiver. This product is characterised by robustness and high machine availability. The camera-based protection systems PSENvip include the following two product types:

  • Camera-based protection system PSENvip - the safe, complete solution for press retrofits
  • Camera-based protection system PSENvip 2 – the integrated solution for modern press brakes

PILZ SafetyEYE - Safe camera system


SafetyEYE is the first safe camera system for 3D zone monitoring. It combines intelligent sensor technology with effective control. Innovative 3D technology and user-friendly software enables even complex applications to be monitored and controlled with one system.