Inductive, capacitive, photoelectric, magnetic, NAMUR sensors СКБ "Индукция"


Wide variety of sensors of Induction's russian manufacturer are offered to your attention. The sensors meet international quality standarts and provide with high reliability for a huge number of industrial applications.

Product range includes: proximity sensors; sensors for special applications; sensors for railway applications; NAMUR sensors.

Our specialists work on capacity to help you with selection of a sensor accordingly to your demands or to choose an analogue.


Level switches NIVOMER




Level detection systems and sensors.

The scape of offered products consists of models for swiching of level for liquids, bulk solids; for measuring of level and flow of gases

  • Vibration swiches for solids and liquids
  • Electro-mechanical rotary swiches
  • Conductive for liquids and solids
  • Capacitive for liquids
  • Float swiches for liquids
  • Microwave for flow measuring


Lovato Electric float switches


Float switches for grey water are used for the civil and industrial control of levels, e.g. rainwater, groundwater or cooling water from industry, and switches for waste water are used for the civil and industrial control of levels of dirty water, e.g. sewage or waste water from industry.

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