TDK EPCOS - capacitors, transformers, inductors, ferrites, magnets, piezo, switching, EMC, buzzers, RF






ABN company offers EPCOS electronic components in Minsk, Belarus.

EPCOS, a TDK Group Company, develops, manufactures and markets electronic components and systems. Thanks to the approximately 21,000 employees at some 20 design and production locations and an extensive sales network outside of Europe, the company is well-equipped – beyond the provision of standard products – to work closely with customers and create the right solutions for them. Since February 2015, TDK Europe is responsible for sales of EPCOS products in Europe.

  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
    • Capacitors with Screw Terminals: B43712, B43732, B43705, B43725, B41456, B41458, B43703, B43723, B43713, B43733, B43701, B43721, B43700, B43720, B43704, B43724, B41550, B41570, B41560, B41580, B43742, B43762, B43743, B43763, B41554
    • Capacitors with 4-/5-pin Snap-in Terminals and Solder Pins: B43513, B43523, B43512, B43522, B43516, B43526
    • Snap-in Capacitors: B43630, B41231, B43541, B43624, B43634, B43641, B43640, B41252, B43643, B43544, B43509, B43642, B43644, B41505, B43545, B43547
    • Large Size Capacitors: B41605, B41607, B43508
    • Axial-lead/Soldering Star Capacitors: B41693, B41793, B41692, B41792, B41691, B41791, B41689, B41789, B41690, B41790, B41696, B41796, B43693, B43793
    • Single-ended Capacitors: B41890, B41858, B41888, B41896, B41866, B42824, B42851, B41856, B41859, B41887, B41895, B43896, B41898, B43858, B43888, B43890
    • Capacitors for Pulse Applications: B43415, B43416
  • Ceramic Capacitors
    • Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors: C General Purpose, CKC Array, CKG MEGACAP, CLL Ultra Low Inductance, CGA Automotive Grad,e CGJ High Reliability Grade, CEU Serial Design, CGB Low Profile
    • MLCC with Dipped Radial Leads: FG (C0G, X5R, X7R, X7S, X7T), FA (C0G, X7R, X7S, X7T, NP0, X8R)
    • Ultra High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors: TSF, H, GA, FD, MD, UHV, FHV
    • 3-Terminal Feedthrough MLCCs: CKD710JB, CKD610JB, CKD61BJB
    • Disc Type Capacitors with Leads (High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors): CK45, CC45, CK45-RR, CD45, CS45
    • Feedthrough Ceramic Capacitors for Magnetron: HFC
    • CeraLink Capacitors: LP, SP
  • Film Capacitors
    • AC Film Capacitors incl. Motor Run: B32355, B32320, B32322, B32321, B32323, B32328, B32329, B32350, B32352, B32355, B32356, B32330, B32332, B32333, B32335, B33331, B33335
    • Metallized Polyester Capacitors (MKT): B32520 - B32529, B32560, B32561, B32562, B32563, B32564, B32559C, B32559S, B32593, B32594, B32232, B32231, B32572, B32573
    • Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors (MKP/MFP): B32671P, B32672P, B32673P, B32674, B32676, B32678, B32754, B32756, B32758, B32774P, B32776P, B32778P, B32774, B32776, B32778, B32682, B32683, B32684, B32686, B32620, B32621, B32651 - B32658, B32671L, B32672L, B32693, B32694, B32633, B32634, B32641B, B32642B, B32643B, B32613, B32614, B32671Z, B32672Z, B32673Z, B32686S, B32656S, B32658S, B32669
    • EMI Suppression Capacitors: B32924*4, B32926*4, B32021, B32022, B32023, B32024, B32026, B81123, B32912*5, B32913*5, B32914*5, B32916*5, B32918*5, B32921 - B32928, B32911*3, B32912*3, B32913*3, B32914*3, B32916*3, B32932, B32933, B32934, B32936, B32922H - B32926J
    • Power Capacitors (EPCOS): B32370, B32371, B32372, B32373, B32374, B25655, B25620, B25623, B25650, B25640, B25750, B25631, B32361, B32362, B32364
  • Components for Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filtering
    • PhaseCap® Energy Capacitors: MKK230-D-10.0-03 - MKK690-D-8.3-03, MKK230-D-10.0-04 - MKK690-D-8.3-04
    • PhaseCap® Premium Capacitors: MKK230, MKK400, MKK415, MKK440, MKK480, MKK525, MKK570, MKK690, MKK765, MKK800
    • PhaseCap® Compact Capacitors: MKK230, MKK400, MKK415, MKK440, MKK480, MKK525, MKK690, MKK800, MKK900, MKK1000
    • PhaseCap® HD Capacitors: MKK400-D-40.0-21, MKK400-D-50.0-21, MKK440-D-40.0-21, MKK440-D-50.0-21, MKK440-D-56.0-21, MKK525-D-40.0-21
    • DeltaCap™ Capacitors: MKD230-I-0.8 - MKD525-I-4.2, MKD230-D-0.5 - MKD525-D-8.3
    • PhiCap™ Capacitors: MKP220, MKP230, MKP400, MKP415, MKP440, MKP480, MKP525
    • PoleCap Capacitors: MKK400, MKK440, MKK525, MKK400, MKP525
    • HomeCap Capacitors: B32340C*J*
    • Key Components - PF Controllers and Accessories: DataLog SD, BR7000-I, BR7000-I/S485, BR6000-R12, BR6000-R6, BR6000-HD12, BR6000-HD6, BR7000-I-TH, BR7000-I-TH/S485, BR7000, BR7000-HD, BR7000-T, BR7000-T/HD, BR604, BR6000-T06 V6.0, UCM-5, B44066, B44066, B44066
    • Key Components - Measuring Devices: MC7000-3, MMI7000-B, MMI7000-E, MMI7000-S, MMI8003, MMI6000
    • Key Components - Capacitor Contactors: B44066S*J110, B44066S*J230, B44066S*N110, B44066S*N230
    • Key Components - Thyristor Modules and Accessories: BD-050 400/440 - BD-200/480, EW-22, ESP-24, TSM-HV200, TSM-HV50, TSM-LC-I, TSM-LC-N1, TSM-LC-N690, TSM-LC-S, TSM-LC10, TSM-LC100, TSM-LC200
    • Key Components - Reactors: B44066E, B44066D
    • PQSine™ P-Series – Active Harmonic Filter and Power Optimizer
  • Power Capacitors
    • B32370, B32371, B32372, B32373, B32374, B25655, B25620, B25623, B25650, B25640, B25750, B25631, B32361, B32362, B32364
  • RF Components and Modules
    • Filters: DEA07-L, DEA10-L, DEA10-B, DEA14-B, DEA16-L, DEA16-H, DEA16-B, DEA16-L, DEA20-L, DEA21-B, DEA25-B, DEA16-L, TFS
    • Diplexers: DPX10, DPX16, DPX20, DPX25, TFSD100
    • Triplexers: TPX20
    • Baluns: ATB2012, ATB3225, HHM15
    • Directional Couplers: HHM22, HHM29, TFSC06
    • Phase Shifters (Delay Lines): DEA1019
    • Antennas: ANT016, ANT161, ANT162, ANT165
    • Isolators / Circulators: CU1L25
    • Modules: SESUB-PAN-D14580
  • Sensors and Sensor Systems
    • NTC Temperature Measurement Sensors (TDK & EPCOS): H650/822k/A1, G1540, G1550, G1560, G1565, G1541, G1551, G1561, M891, S871, S881, S891, S971, S981, K164, S875, S885, K1150, K220, K350, M820, S861, S863, S864, S867, S869, S860, F120, K227, K276, K301-A003, K45, K500, K501, K504, K514, K560, M1703, M2020, M500, M703, T120, Z81, K301-A001, NTCDS, NTCGF
    • SMD NTC Thermistors (EPCOS): B57232V5, B57251V5, B57254V5, B57256V5, B57221V2, B57230V2, B57250V2, B57261V2, B57332V5 - B57356V5, B57301V2 - B57374V2, B57442V5, B57451V5, B57452V5, B57401V2, B57421V2, B57471V2, B57620C5, B57621C5
    • Level Sensors (EPCOS)
    • Limit Temperature Sensors (EPCOS)
    • Motor Protection Sensors (EPCOS)
    • Pressure Sensor Elements (EPCOS): C27, C28, C32, C33, C41, C38, AK2, AT2
    • Pressure Sensor Transmitters (EPCOS): CAU-T, AC-T, ASB/ ASA
    • Clamp AC Current Sensors (TDK): CCT
    • Powder Level / Piezoelectric Toner Sensors (TDK): TSP15A, TSP15D
    • Gear Tooth Sensors (TDK): PS-HR
    • Surface Potential Sensors (TDK): EFS
    • Humidity Sensors (TDK): CHS-ESS, CHS-C, CHS-M, CHS-U
    • Magnetic Toner Density / Quantity Sensors (TDK): TS-A, TS-K, TS-Z
    • Angle Sensors (TDK): TAS
  • Protection Devices
    • Voltage Protection (TDK & EPCOS): CeraDiodes, Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors (MLV Varistors) (CA05M2S10T100HG - CT2220S14BAUTOG, CA04F2FT5AUD010G, CA05M2S10T100HG - CT0603V150RFG_E, CT0201S4ACC2G, CT0201S4ACC4G, CT0201S4ACC5G, CT0402L14G - CT2220M6G, CN2220K30E2GK2 - CT2220S50E3G), Leaded Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors (SHCV Varistors) (SR1K20M105X - SR6K35M474X), Leaded Disk Varistors (EPCOS), Block Varistors (EPCOS), Strap Varistors (EPCOS), SMD Disk Varistors (CU) (EPCOS), ThermoFuse Varistors (EPCOS), Surge Arresters (G31-A75X, A60, A71, A80, A81, A91, D20, D2A-A800XPD, D3B-A700XP, D3D-A800XP, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, EC6, EC7, EC9, EF1, EF2, EF3, EF4, EF6, EF8, EHV60, EHV62, EHV63, EM1, EM2, EM3, EM4, EM5, EM6, EM9, EN1, EN2, EN3, EN4, EN6, EN9, ES1, ES2, ES3, ES4, ES7, ES8, ES90, G30, G31, H38, KX61, L10-A800XP1, L18A-A3000XPD, L1B-A800XP1, L1C-A800XP1, L1E-A800XP, L1U-A800XP1, LN30, LN8, LN8A, M50, M51, N80, N81, S20, S30, S50, S80, T20, T21, T23, T30, T31, T33, T60, T61, T63, T80, T83, T87, T90, T93, T97A, TG30, TQ90-A90, V10, V12, V13, V14, V17-A800XN, V18-A800XNTP, V1B-A500XN, V1C-A800XNHC, V80-A800XP2, V87), Chip Varistors - Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors AVRM (TDK), Ring Varistors VAR-18 (TDK)
    • Current Protection (EPCOS): PTC Inrush Current Limiters, NTC Inrush Current Limiters (P27, S364, S464, P11, S237, P13, S236, S235, S238, S153), PTC Thermistors for Overcurrent Protection, PTC Thermistors for Telecom Applications
    • Temperature Protection (TDK & EPCOS): PTC Limit Temperature Sensors (EPCOS), Chip NTC Thermistors (NTCG06, NTCG10, NTCG16, NTCG20)
  • Switching / Heating, Piezo Components, Buzzers, Microphones
    • PTC Thermistors for Motor Start (EPCOS)
    • PTC Thermistors for Switching Applications (EPCOS)
    • PTC Thermistors as Heating Elements (EPCOS)
    • CeraLink Capacitors (LP,SP)
    • High-Voltage Contactors (HVC200A-12)
    • Switching Spark Gaps (CAS02X068, SSG03X1J, FS04X1JMG, FS06X1NG, FS08HF1BSMD, FS08X1GH, FS08X1JG, FS08X1JGS, FS1X1G, SSG3X1, SSG5X1, FS5,5X1, TF25E, TF26, TF28)
    • Multilayer Piezo Actuators (EPCOS)
    • Ultrasonic Nebulizer Units (NB)
    • Piezoelectric Receivers (RU)
    • Electromagnetic Buzzers (SD, SDC, SDR)
    • Piezoelectric Buzzers (PS)
    • PiezoHapt™ Actuator (FPC)
    • MEMS Microphones (MMIC271609T4064C0300, MMIC332509T4070C0300)
  • Inductors (Coils)
    • SMT Inductors (EPCOS): B82496C, B82498F, B82422A*100, B82422H, B82422T, B82432C, B82432T, B82442A, B82442T
    • SMT Power Inductors (EPCOS): B82475A1, B82475M1, B82464P4, B82464G4, B82464A4, B82477G2, B82477P2, B82477P4, B82477R4, B82477D4, B82477G4, B82477G4, B82476A1, B82476B1, B82479A1, B82479G1, B82471A1, B82462G4, B82462A4, B82472G4, B82472G6, B82472P6, B82473A1, B82473M1
    • ERU Chokes (EPCOS): B82559*A016, B82559*A019, B82559*A013, B82559*A020, B82559*A025
    • Reactors for Frequency Converters (EPCOS): B86301U, B86306A, B86305L*000
    • Transponder Coils: B82451L*E, B82450A*E, B82450A*A, TC1210, TC1812, B82450H, TPL802727, TPL1183427, TPL1183525
    • Leaded Inductors (EPCOS): B82145A, B82144A, B82144F, B82144F2, B78108T, B82141A, B82131, B82132, B82133, B82134, B82111B, B82111E, B82500, B78108S, B78148S, B78108E, B78148E, B82144B, B82144B2
    • Inductors (Coils) (MHQ, MLG, MLK, MLJ, NLV, NL, MLZ, NLC, NLFV, TFM, SPM, MLP, VLF, VLCF, SLF, LTF5022, RLF, VLB, MHQ1005P, MLG, MLK1005, MLF, NLV, KLZ, MLZ, ADL, NLCV, TFM201610ALMA, MLD2016, VLS, VLF, CLF)
  • Transformers
    • Transformers for DC/DC Converters (EPCOS): B82805A, B78304B, B82802A, B78334B1033, B78334B1034, B78334B1018
    • Transformers for IGBT/FET: EP5, VGT,
    • Automotive Transformers for Ultrasonic Sensors (EPCOS): B78416,
    • LAN Modules: VGT, ECO, SRW, SRX, SRV, PFC, ATB3225, ALT3232M, ALT4532M
    • SMT Current Sense Transformers (EPCOS): B82801X3, B82801X1, B82801X2, B82801A, B82801B, B82801C, B78417A, B78419A
    • Choke Coils for PFC (TDK): PFC
    • Step-up Transformers (TDK): ATB3225
    • Transformers for BMS (TDK)
    • Transformers for AC/DC Converters (TDK): ECO, SRW, SRX, SRV
  • EMC Components
    • Data and Signal Line Chokes / Common-mode Filters: B82791G15, B82791H15, B82720H15, B82791G14, B82720H14, B82793C0, B82793S0, B82790C0, B82790S0, B82789C0, B82789S0, ACT45B, B82792C0, B82794C0, B82792C2, B82794C2, TCM0403S, TCM0605S, TCM0605T, TCE0806G, TCE0806S, TCE1608G, MCZ1210DH, MCZ2010DH, MCZ1210CH, MCZ2010CH, ACM2012H, TCM0403R, TCM0605G, TCM1608G, MCZ0605AH, MCZ0806AH, MCZ1210AH, MCZ2010AH, ACM2012E, ACM2012, ACM2520, ACM4520, ACM7060, ACM9070, ACM1211, ACM1513, ACP3225, ACT1210, ACT45B, ACT45R, ACT1210L, ACT45L, ACM2012, ACM4520V, ACM70V, ACM90V, ACM12V
    • Power Line Chokes (EPCOS): B82725S2*, B82731H, B82731M, B82732R, B82732W, B82734R, B82734W, B82731T, B82732F, B82733F, B82733V, B82726S3543, B82721A, B82721J, B82721K, B8272xE6, B82723A, B82723J, B82724J2*U, B82725A, B82726S22*3, B82724A, B82724J, B82720A, B82720K, B82720S, B82722A, B82722J, B82726S2183, B82726S2163, B82726S3223A340, B82724B, B82725J, B82726S61*3, B82791G, B82791H, B82791K, B82767S4, B82745S6123, B82747E6, B82746S4, B82748S4503, B82747S4, B82747S6313, B82748S6623, B82747S4203A, B82748F4183, B82748F6233, B82747S4423, B82746S4103A02*, B82747S4183, B82746S, B82730G, B82730U, B82614R, B82116S1221L127, B82116S1221L026, B82622S, B82623G, B82625B, B82615B, B82116B1224, B82116B2625, B82116B2828
    • LCL Filters (EPCOS): B84143G/Q*R/S405
    • Power Line EMC Filters (EPCOS): B84143A*166, B84143A*R107, B84243A, B84143Q*S080, B84143Q*S020, B84142A/C/J*S081, B84111F, B84112G, B84113H, B84142A*166, B84142A*R000/G075, B84142A*R123, B84742A*R190, B84142A*R122, B84142B*R000, B84110A, B84110B, B84103, B84773, B84776, B84771, B84111A, B84112B, B84113C, B84114D, B84115E, B84143B/K*S080/S081, B84143A*R106, B84143B*S020/S021/S024, B84143D*R127, B84143A*R021, B84143A*R105, B84143A*R000, B84143B*R110, B84143G*R110, B84143B*R000, B84143*R410, B84131, B84144A*R000, B84144B*S120/S121, B84144A*R120, B84144A*R140, B84108
    • Output Filters (EPCOS): B84143Q*R229, B84143V*R127, B84143V*R290, B84143V*R230, B84143V*S230, B84143V*R227, B84143V*R229, B84143V*S229, B84143V*R027
    • EMC Filters for Shielded Rooms (EPCOS): B84320Z010, B84320Z010, B84312, B84299G, B84299G0056, B84299G0111, B84312, B84299*B001, B84299*B003, B84299*E001, B84299*E003, B84299*B001, B84299*B003, B84299*E001, B84299*E003, B84299G, B84263, B84261, B84298A0042L, B84298A0044L, B84298A0046L, B84298M
    • EMC Feedthrough Capacitors (EPCOS): B85121A
    • EMC Feedthrough Filters (EPCOS): B85321A
    • Ferrites For EMC Suppression (TDK): MMZ, MPZ, MAF, MEM, ACH32C, MEA, TCM, MCZ, TCM, ACM, ACT, YNA, ZCAT, AML, YFF
    • Clamp Filters (Ferrite Core with Case) (TDK): ZCAT
    • Noise Absorber (TDK): YNA
    • Noise Suppression Filters for Audio Lines (TDK): MAF1
    • 3-terminal Filters (TDK): MEM, MEA, YFF, ACH
    • Chip Beads (TDK): MMZ, KPZ, MPZ
  • Ferrites and Accessories
    • EPCOS Ferrites and Accessories: E/ELP Cores and Accessories, EFD/EV Cores and Accessories, ER/ETD/EQ Cores and Accessories, PM/P/P Cores Halves/EP Cores and Accessories, PQ Cores and Accessories, Ring/Double-Aperture Cores, RM Cores and Accessories, U/I Cores, Blocks, Plates, Disks, Ferrite Materials
    • TDK Ferrites and Accessories: RID
  • Magnets
    • Ferrite Magnets: FB13B, FB14H, FB12B, FB12H, FB9N, FB9B, FB9H, FB9NF, FB9BF, FB9HF, FB6N, FB6B, FB6H, FB6E, FB5D, FB5DH, FB3N, FB3G
    • Neodymium Magnets: NEOREC
  • Wireless Power Transfer
    • Tx Coil Units and Modules: WT1005690-12K2-A6-G, WT505090-10K2-A11-G, WT505090-20K2-A10-G, WT525225-20K2-A1-G, WT151512-22F2-ID, WT202012-15F2-ID, WT303012-12F2-ID, WTM505090-10K2-5V-G1
    • Rx Coil Units and Modules: WR303050-15F5-G, WR444025-17M6-G, WR444030-16F3-G, WR483245-15F5-G, WR483265-15F5-G, WR121210-27M8-ID, WR202010-18M8-ID, WR221230-36M8-G, WR222230-26M8-G, WR301025-19M8-G, WR303050-12F5-ID, WRM483245-15F5-5V-G1, WRM483245-15F5-5V-G2
    • NFC Antenna Combo Rx Coil Units: WR524825-17M6-NF-G, WR524830-16F3-NF-G
    • Wireless Power Transfer / NFC Antennas Low Loss Sheets (Shield): IFL04, IBF15
  • Further TDK Products
    • Noise Suppressing / Magnetic Sheet: IFL10M, IFL12, IFL16, IFL16 Hybrid, IFM10M Hybrid, IFL04, IBF15
    • Transparent Conductive Film
    • Anechoic Chambers and Radio Wave Absorbers
    • FA Systems: TAS300, TAS300 TYPE:J1, TAS450 TYPE:A2, AFM-15, AFM-15-D, MDM-50
    • Flash Storages: 76KB, 94KB, 55KB, 73KB, 101KB, 73KB, 54KB, 306KB, 392KB, 1071KB, 606KB, 376KB, 399KB, 414KB, 624KB, 411KB, 472KB, 874KB, 326KB, 499KB, 964KB, 790KB
    • Micro Modules (Substrates with Built-in ICs, Products Utilizing with SESUB): SESUB-PAN-D14580
    • Solar cells: BCS
    • Power Supplies (TDK-Lambda)
  • SAW Components and Modules (RF360)

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