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cable gland of Jacob


Cable glands from brass and polyamid - 1 day delivery time in all place of Belarus

Stock of power connectors Bals


Power connectors Bals is now in stock in Minsk:16A, 32A, 63A, 125A

More parts of Semikron in stock


More IGBT, thyristors and diode modules of Semikron in stock in Minsk

New products of Lovato Electric in stock


More limit switches, buttons, time relay, level sensors. Now we have time relay with NFC - one relay for all application

disconnectors Dilos

выключатель нагрузки

General Electric Dilos/Fulos loadbreak disconnectors with visible contacts. Normally in stock up to 1250А: 2p, 3p, 4p

Силовые выключатели GE

силовой автоматический выключатель

Силовые автоматические выключатели General Electric. Со склада на токи до 1250А

LOVATO Electric float switches

поплавковые датчики уровня

LOVATO Electric float switches are now available from stock in Minsk.Перейти в каталог